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A New Approach to Provider Data Management

Access to accurate, complete provider information is at the center of healthcare. MedFax continually ingests data from more than 10,000 sources in real-time, creating the first truly validated, trust worthy, actionable tool for the healthcare industry to understand and update data on their providers from nurses to neurosurgeons… in real time.

MedFax was born after years of investment driven by the idea that it shouldn’t be difficult to find accurate, complete and up to date information on providers, whether a newly licensed resident, a thirty-year veteran or a nurse. Unfortunately there is little to no incentive for providers to update their information across the multitude of sources in which it is housed. And of course there is the information they don’t report at all.

We believe it should be easy for companies and consumers alike to get a complete picture of any provider which doesn’t stop at demographics and which includes all information needed to make the right decision as a payer, provider of care, professional liability organization or a patient.

MedFax Solutions

Credentialing Acceptance Verification

Over 70% of credentialing information is self-reported by the physicians themselves. Credentialing needs realtime, reliable information that is not swayed by personal, political or economic interests. MedFax is the first and only independent source for background information on physicians.

Credentialing acceptance verification provides a safety net for credentialing, providing complete information, and alerting credentialing personnel to any negative physician event that may not have been reported in the Federal verification sites.

Physician Monitoring

With over 850,000 medical providers practicing today, and with 50% having multiple state licenses, MedFax’s automated approach is the best answer to increasing efficiency in monitoring physician changes as they occur, while keeping an eye on cost containment.

Monitoring thousands of information sources and cross-references the data to provide a safety net monitoring system that works between credentialing periods. The MedFax dashboard alerts can notify the department to changes in physician license status and restrictions, criminality, sanctions, exclusions and malpractice across state and Federal agencies.

Fraud/Waste and Abuse

“Recoveries are complex, prevention is cleaner”. MedFax works hand in hand with analytic and predictive modeling tools. Focusing on the prevention of fraud, waste and abuse, MedFax helps special investigation units and assists with cost containment.

The MedFax dashboard can perform customized checks on SIU flagged physicians and can be customized to alert the units if a physician has specific flags for negative activities.

Provider List Verification

Physician directories are often full of duplicates, and contain doctors who are retired, unable to practice due to disciplinary events and even deceased. With MedFax’s Dashboard, IT departments are provided with alerts and updates relating to important physician changes. Customer satisfaction, and confidence increases with a directory that is managed in real time.

The MedFax dashboard is a valuable alert system that notifies the IT department when a significant change such as a physician retirement, death or license suspension occurs.