For MPL Insurers

MedFax for Medical Liability empowers medical professional liability insurers to optimize the identification, targeting, underwriting, and onboarding of the most desirable insureds, enabling sustainable, healthy growth in today’s “new normal” soft market conditions. More specifically, MedFax enables:

  • Aggressive pursuit of the “right” business
  • Intelligent penetration of new territories
  • Systematic cultivation of new target markets
  • Efficient triage and engagement of new prospects
  • Confidently “Pricing to Win” based on logic
  • Streamlining the experience, making it easy to join

For MPL Insurers

Physicians provide 90% of the information used by the insurance company.  With significant effort, this information can be verified.  But the hardest part is not verifying what they told you.  It’s discovering what they didn’t.  Now, with less than four variables you can see a provider’s entire profile, demographics 10+ year history in less than one second.  Thousands of data sources are available instantly at your fingertips including thousands of county courts, all current and prior practice locations with related licenses and actions, and much more.  

A recent study of 485 physicians with active malpractice coverage showed that 32% failed to report at least one claim, lawsuit or other matters of public interest to the insurer.  9% failed to report substantial disciplinary records of settlements.  Unfortunately these omissions were not discovered during the marketing, sales or underwriting process.  Instead they came to light after coverage was enacted.  Imagine knowing all of that and more before you even send your first marketing message to a potential customer.  Click here to read the paper.

Solutions – Specially designed for the MPL market

MedFax Market Buster – Easily generate highly accurate target marketing lists with detailed contact information at the group and practioner levels, based on key dimensions such as location, specialty, group type, group size, sanction history and medical liability loss history… in real time.

MedFax eTarget – Seamlessly integrate your multi-channel target marketing communication strategy with the industry’s most complete-and-accurate direct mail, email and phone based contact information, comprehensive provider target marketing profiles and efficient email management and delivery service… maintaining unfettered control of your campaigns.  

MedFax App Accelerator – Automatically pre-populate online applications, quick quotes and underwriting interfaces for prospective insureds, or validate and assess their self-reported input behind the scenes… in real-time.

MedFax UW File Builder – Instantly aggregate underwriting file data with a comprehensive national view of demographics, education, residency, specialties, locations, affiliations, practice activity, licensure, certification, sanctions, exclusions, investigations, lawsuits and losses… in a single user-friendly search.  

MedFax Risk Watcher – Actively monitor, generate reports and receive alerts regarding all of your insureds, for a highly-efficient focus on your most prominent risks, in renewal processing, risk management and claims management, regarding insureds, defendants, co-defendants, expert witnesses and associated institutions/facilities… proactively on a continuous basis.   

Easy integration

We can work within any IT environment and system.  Our solutions can be provided as Software-as-a-Service, in a dedicated co-located environment, as flat files and finally via APIs.