For Healthcare Providers

See everything there is to know about the providers you hire, acquire or maintain on your staff including detailed sanctioning history, licensing, eligibility to bill and much more.

Imagine having access to a provider’s entire profile and a 10+ year history that is continuously updated from more than 10,000 primary data sources. MedFax delivers provider data information from practice locations to related licenses and disciplinary actions, and much more.

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Understanding your Providers

With nearly 900,000 physicians currently practicing in the United States, provider data must continuously be updated with basic demographic and licensing information, as well as the numerous new sanctions, fines, citations and disciplinary actions being issued every day.

There is a constant and crucial need for payers to have a dynamic data solution to help properly credential potential providers and monitor current providers, while answering key questions such as:

  • Does a doctor have an active license in more than one state?
  • Has a doctor opened a new office or moved to a new location?
  • Is there a sanction or restriction on a doctor’s license?

MedFax meticulously aggregates, curates and distributes demographic, practice, licensing, certification, investigation, disciplinary and legal record data on every provider in the United States across a 10+ year history. We continuously update this data in real time as new information becomes available.

Learn more about key MedFax’s data solutions including:

MedFax Provider Core© and Affiliates© – Delivering health plans 95-percent accurate provider data from more than 10,000 primary sources in real time.

MedFax Provider Spotlight© – Ensure your physician registry is always up to date and your identity management system is synced with your registry. In addition, instantly remove any physician presenting risk to your practice or your facility from your registry and IDM.

MedFax Provider Detector© – Investigating fraud, identifying potential Provider issues

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