MedFax Real-Time Data Solutions

Eliminating costly Errors and Fines

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Health Plans

Our accurate provider data and tools are designed to accelerate and improve credentialing, network management, operations, provider directories and SIUs.

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Know who you are hiring, employing, or acquiring. A single provider can change your reputation and risk overnight. Our tools can help you decrease that risk substantially.

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MPL Insurers

The first complete profile of providers including 10 years of history and case data. Expand and accelerate risk awareness while targeting the right physicians to grow written premium.

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Platform and Data

Accurate, complete and up-to-date provider data from more than 10,000 primary sources seamlessly integrates into any IT environment

Our Vision

Access to accurate, complete provider information is at the center of delivering excellent healthcare. We believe it should be easy for companies and consumers alike to get a complete picture of any provider. One which doesn't stop at demographics, and which includes all information needed to make the right decision as a payer, provider of care, professional liability organization or a patient.

At MedFax, we are passionate about data. Our team continually collects and analyzes data from more than 10,000 primary sources, creating the first truly validated, trustworthy, actionable tools for the healthcare industry.

The need for precise, correct and real-time data is becoming increasingly crucial as government compliance focuses more and more on provider directory accuracy and sanctions monitoring. MedFax provides simple and seamless provider data solutions for the healthcare industry, while reducing the potential of costly fines and sanctions due to bad provider data.


Our Process

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Information is automatically collected from more than 10,000 sources of public records, providing a comprehensive 10-year history for each provider.

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Each dataset is normalized and codified, bringing standards to otherwise disorganized repositories, and making it possible to run high-speed transactions and comparisons.

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Each data element is meticulously assigned to the correct profile utilizing a combination of proprietary matching technologies, automated quality analysis and a human touch.

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The result is an unparalleled, self-perfecting data model, designed by its very nature to automatically identify and resolve anomalies, discrepancies and incongruous patterns.

Our Platform & Data

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It's possible you have heard this story before. However, we take an approach to data unlike any other organization.

MedFax meticulously aggregates, curates and distributes “primary source” demographic, practice, licensing, certification, investigation, disciplinary and legal records on every provider in the United States across a 10+ year history. We then update the data in real time as new information becomes available.

The secret is our team’s pursuit of perfection, and our proprietary processes and methodologies. We have even been known to hire private investigators to validate data that otherwise doesn't align. This is a very different approach than leveraging self-reported national data sets such as NPPES, companies using crowd sourcing, call centers in India or internet searches. But don’t take our word for it – give us a call and we will prove it to you.

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